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My name is Treseck and I'm your average IT consultant from germany who is excited to play Classic again.

I began playing WoW during Summer 2006 thanks to my brother and rolled a troll hunter for 2 years before switching to Restoration shaman.
I quit WoW a few weeks after Mists of Pandaria was released.
With WoW: Classic on the horizon I will be rolling a hunter again on the german PvP realm: Lucifron.

While looking through other websites and resources I noticed that there hasn't been a pet training point calculator yet.
Nobody seem to have bothered with this kind of stuff until the release of Wrath of the Lich King, when the pet training system got replaced by the talent point system.

This is changing now.

The goal of this site is to give hunters in World of Warcraft: Classic a tool to make taming pets much more easier by:

  • showing possible upgrades to your pet
  • letting you search a database with over 532 pets
  • showing you spawn locations and video guides on taming pets
  • ranking pets by different criteria
  • much more to come...

This site is a hobby and it's main features like the Pet Configurator, Pet Rankings, Database will definitely remain free to use for everyone!
If you like this site, feel free to support me here.

If you found a bug or want to contact me, you can either hit me up on discord or use the contact form.

Also shoutout to my old guildmates at Endgegner on Dun Morogh(EU). Love you guys.